Lying in the tub, the bather wondered what became of his classmates from elementary school. He hoped they avoided a life of pain and squalor. Their chances seemed slim, as much had changed over those decades when the elders took everything for themselves. But the bather still hoped sometimes.
     He could do little else except enjoy the bath for them, at least for the ones who had no baths. But he’d never know for sure who had prospered and who hadn’t. Growing up before the blossoming of the internet, many of the bather’s friends from elementary school probably shunned social media. They’d favor reality, and perhaps that gave many of his generation a greater chance. But it also meant the bather could never check up on them. He only knew some of their first names, so those friends had truly drifted away forever.
     He thought of one child more than the others while watching the steam vanish—a girl named Meadow. She said her parents had named her that because she played in a meadow. The bather, all those years ago, skeptically wondered why the parents would wait so long to name their child. But he believed it anyway.
     Meadow, something of a tomboy, played tag with the boys during lunch hour. In those days, kids would run around outside. The teachers locked all the kids outside to wait in the cold, whether some kids brought their mittens to school or not.
     The bather never knew much else about Meadow except that she longed for toys and didn’t have any. Her family moved shortly after they arrived. Meadow had entered a meadow of mystery, boundless and unfathomable. When one’s friends moved away at elementary school age, as many did in the pre-internet era, they simply disappeared forever. No Facebook, no pen pals, not even a phone number would get left behind. They only left a creepy emptiness, like that of a kidnapping victim.

     Some kids never even announced their moving day or their last day at the bather’s school. He often wondered if their parents told them at all.
     It made the bather wonder about the selfishness of parents who moved too much. Maybe they didn’t like the view of the hills outside their bathroom window, or they gobbled up a few hundred bucks from selling their house and moving again. Maybe a child would never fulfill them, and they just needed more and more and more.
     The bather would shudder if not for the block of warm water around him. He recalled a chance meeting of another girl from his elementary school days. Now grown up, this one had turned out too petite, almost runty. She had facial asymmetry, and her teeth pushed close in a way the bather had luckily forgotten. Maybe Meadow, who played with the boys, should remain a complete mystery to him.
     But in all likelihood, she didn’t live into her 30s as the bather had. Most of his classmates didn’t.



I really like the topic of this post and i am happy to see that this writer discussed it very nicely that is very interesting. So everyone should appreciate it and request to this writer for more posts here with nice topics like this.

01/19/2017 9:25am

Having a bath is a good thing to consider for it will bring many benefits to our body as well. I am glad that I have read this and this will surely be shared to my family and friends as well. Thank you for sharing this reading and this will be valued in my life

02/13/2017 6:24am

Bathing for me is a time where my thoughts and ideas came out. It also gives me relief from depression and stress. For me, this is an effective time for me to review for my exams and quizzes. I don't care if some people find me weird. Taking a bath helps me a lot in thinking some things.

07/06/2016 9:44pm

I'd like to ponder upon the ending, which gave ma a good kicker. Sometimes, it makes you wonder, if you have many friends who passed, why are you still alive. You question, "Why am I deserving to live, not them?" You examine their life, meticulously recalling the very details of their character and particular deeds. Then you feel guilty because you actually think you are the better person because you lived. But for us living, we can only be thankful for the continuity of our lives.

08/22/2016 4:27am

Someone once told me that when you're depressed, you can find comfort in bathing in dark water. Once immersed, all the running thoughts will flow with the water. When you rise, the thoughts remain in the water and there is no way for you to see it because the water is dark. Now I am wondering how is it possible for you to bathe in dark water without getting a disease. You could probably die. I just thought maybe a bath tub with clean water maybe better.


It is a real pleasure to read this story. You are so good at writing.

02/07/2017 9:15am

your story about your classmates from elementary school quite unique and attractable for us can you please share more details because i love to read this kind of content thanks.



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